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Counsellor Lynn Moore

BA (Hons), MBACP (Reg.), FD


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         Hello and welcome ...

I offer a confidential, empathic, professional and friendly counselling service using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Integrative methods, either face-to-face within Scarborough Town Centre, North Yorkshire or via instant video messaging, instant chat messaging or email nationally, as well as local group support work.  Using therapeutic techniques, I help and support individuals who are experiencing a range of eating disorders, food related problems, weight management issues, eating phobias and body shape issues.  I also provide therapy help for a range of potentially debilitating long or short term life problems which may be affecting every day living - please see the list below.

Counselling helps you to break free from your eating disorder, issues around food and to facilitate healthy weight management.  Everyone needs to eat, and I am here to support you to eat regularly, sensibly and to change your mindset around food.  A healthy mind is the key to a healthy approach to eating, food and life.  I will help you by motivating, empowering and facilitating you to turn negative experiences, negative thought patterns and beliefs and unpleasant emotions into more manageable or positives experiences by helping you to view them as learning experiences and stepping stones on a journey, rather than setbacks.  Being able to sit with a range of emotions is key and together we will identify helpful coping strategies that you can use in your daily life, rather than using food and other negative coping behaviours when times get tough.

What you can expect in your first introductory counselling session

Your first counselling session will be a 30 minute appointment where we will get to know each other.  It will provide you with a private, safe space to discuss an outline of your problem(s) and to find out what counselling is and if you feel it will be helpful to you.

How can counselling help?

I will help you to obtain an all round more positive approach to life in general, by exploring the personal or psychological problems which typically fuel the problematic issues and disordered behaviours.  Working together will offer you new techniques which can be applied, as and when required.  Eating disorders counselling and general counselling therapy will help you to boost your self-esteem, develop your inner strength and ultimately motivate and guide you to a better life ... a life in which you reach your full potential.

Help with eating and food

I look forward, though the therapeutic process, to helping you to develop a healthy relationship with food, as I am fully aware that often behaviour around food can be akin to living with an addiction and that addiction needs to be faced at every mealtime - which makes eating issues particularly distressing.  If you feel that you are trapped in a vicious circle of addiction with food, are skipping meals, or that you are often comfort eating or binge eating, then I can help you on the road to recovery.  Learn how to view your body as the amazing machine that it is, and start using that body to live and enjoy life to the full.

Help with life's general problems

Whether you are also experiencing problems relating to stress, anxiety, trauma, confidence, low self-esteem, depression, loss or family issues, to name but a few, exploring these together will help to eliminate them and to facilitate your sense of wellbeing to return.

Summary of my counselling service

Offering immediate face-to-face counselling sessions, instant video messaging counselling, instant chat messaging counselling, email counselling, telephone counselling and group counselling ​for eating disorders and weight management, to help and empower you to branch out into a better, happier and more meaningful life.

Make the most of every day, and with my support, facilitate the real you to shine through again.  Life is too short to be pre-occupied with food or weight issues' or any other debilitating problems.

Also offering ...

I regularly integrate Person Centred counselling techniques and Mindfulness into my practice in order to facilitate deeper empathic understanding with clients, to offer greater awareness of self and for wellbeing and therapeutic relationship purposes.

Helping and Supporting you with:

Eating, Weight and Food Issues:

  • Anorexia Nervosa
  • Bulimia Nervosa
  • Binge eating disorder
  • Weight management
  • ​Healthy eating
  • Any other eating disorder not otherwise specified (EDNOS)

Life Problems and Difficulties:

  • Abortion, Abuse, Addiction, Affairs, Alcoholism, Anger, Anxiety
  • Breavement, Bipolar, Body Dysmorophic Disorder, Bullying
  • Cancer, Careers, Carer Support
  • Debt, Depression, Domestic Violence, Drug Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse, Emotional Regulation
  • Family Issues, Gambling, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Grief
  • Hoarding, Internet Addiction, Loss, Low Self-Confidence, Low Self-Esteem
  • Miscarriage, Motivation, Obsession Compulsive Disorder
  • Panic Disorder, Phobias, Physical Abuse, Postnatal Depression, Pregnancy and Birth
  • Redundancy, Relationships, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Self Harm
  • Separation and Divorce, Sexual Abuse, Smoking Stress, Stress, Suicidal Thoughts
  • Trauma, Work Related Stress



​       "Love what you have done with your life and become an angel to many!  Keep up the fantastic work " - Irena D.

​​ I look forward to helping you.